Calendar of Events

Please click on the link below. It should take you to a list of events happening in the Canyon Lake and surrounding area. You can select the option to view events listed as "today', "tomorrow" "this week/weekend" etc.  If you know of something else not listed please feel free to let us know via the comments.

If you are ready to start working out in your yard this season please feel free to check out the following link:

In an effort to keep our neighborhood free from unwanted critters, please remember to keep your property mowed and free of trash, debris and clutter. Many of us who choose to live in Tamarack Shores have worked or are currently working hard to live the dream of “Lake Life”. We are surrounded by beauty and when we don’t keep up our property at the very basic minimum it really makes our community look bad and let’s be honest, it affects our property values. So as a newcomer to Tamarack Shoes I ask that you put forth a little more effort to clean up.

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