Big Ideas and Curb Appeal…..

Being new to living in Tamarack Shores and the Canyon Lake area I have been driving around a lot and have seen so many changes. I love to check out all the different properties and homes, watching as new life is being brought to older homes through renovations or the new homes being built with so many different styles and features. I also find enjoyment in seeing the way landscaping is being done. Let’s face it, sometimes the terrain can be difficult to manage, lots of rocky, hard soil make it challenging yet I see lots of creativity out there.

It is the “American Dream” to have a place of your own to call home and make it unique to your own sense of style. Not to mention that taking great pride in the appearance of your home and property benefits everyone by increasing the value of our homes and property. Our family has been doing several things to make our place “Home Sweet Home”. Sometimes we have to save a little here and there before we can tackle a project or maybe buy things a little bit at a time until we can gather all that we need to move forward. Once in a great while we can actually complete a project with help of local businesses.

Most times I do lots of research online, reading articles, finding photo examples and utilize a couple of websites that give away a variety of things from rocks to building materials(just gotta check on a regular basis). That being said I wanted to provide a forum where we could share our ideas, and promote Community Pride with posting photos of what we are doing or have done to make the property/ home we are investing in beautiful, comfortable and most of all “our own little piece of heaven”. So please feel free to email photos to: tamarackshoresresidentquestion@ Also leave a comment if you like.

Thank You

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