We hope that the residents of our community who purchase their pool card for their families will enjoy the time spent there and abide by the rules as listed below.

One of the newest improvements in place is having installed security surveillance cameras. We felt this would be a great way to help keep the area safe and free from vandalism. Members of the Board for Tamarack Shores are able to access/monitor this system 24 hours a day.

Please be sure to review. Updates and Important items are bold text.

  1. Pool cards are the property of Tamarack Shores Owners Association.
  2. Only members in good standing can obtain a pool card.
  3. A pool card issued to a member that has paid the appropriate fee should not be loaned out.
  4. A pool user is either a member that has obtained a card by paying the appropriate user fee or a guest of that member.
  5. Pool use fee is $100.00 for regular members and $125.00 for associate members.
  6. Pool cards are valid from the annual meeting date to the next annual meeting.
  7. Members must return the prior card to be eligible to obtain a current card or pay a replacement fee ($25.00).
  8. Replacement fee for a lost pool card is $25.00.
  9. This year the pool season 2021 started on Memorial Day weekend in May and will end on National Night Out- October 5th.
  10. Card holder is financially responsible for damages caused by card user and or guest.
  11. Pool is open for use from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily except for closure during cleaning and maintenance.
  12. Gates must be kept closed and latched (Texas Health Code prohibits the propping open any gate in the pool area).
  13. Safety equipment is for emergency use only.
  14. Water filtration equipment must not be tampered with or damaged.
  15. Pool attire does not include street clothing and/or cut-offs.
  16. Domestic animals and other pets shall not be allowed within the pool area.
  17. No glass containers or food items are allowed in the pool area.  No person shall eat, drink or smoke while in the pool water.
  18. Adult users are limited to seven (7) guests at any one time, unless special arrangements have been made.  The guests must leave the pool at the same time as the card holder.  Guest cannot have guest in the pool area.
  19. Violation of pool rules may result in forfeiture of the privilege to use the pool.
  20. Tamarack Shores Board is responsible for keeping these rules in compliance with current bylaws, deed restrictions and other appropriate regulations.